Anime Review: ROD the tv

ROD the tv

Review ROD the tv Written by Warpshadow rating good/very good

In the anime industry if an Oav comes out and doesn't suck goats it will be made into a television show. Like many of these television shows ROD the tv contains some but not all of the magic of it's predecessor.

Michelle, Maggie and Anita and three sisters who live in Hong Kong. The three are also paper masters and run a detective agency. The receive an assignment to be bodyguards to a Japanese author named Nenene Sumiregawa. After a harrowing incident it is decided that the three sisters should follow Nenene back to Japan to keep an eye on her. This isn't Nenene's first experience with paper masters since she is also an old friend of the legendary Yomiko Readman. Can the paper sisters keep Nenene alive long enough for her to finish another book?

The Read or die television series follows the tradition of the original Oav. Mastery over paper is still a far cooler power than you would think it is. The problem with this show is that the slow parts of the show (the character development and plot) simply aren't as good as the action. The first episodes are a bit slow in the setup, as is the case in many shows. It's as though they are bad, they are just average. In short this is a show that you watch for the fighting.

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