Anime Review: Tide line blue

Tide line blue

Review Tide line blue Written by Warpshadow Rating good/ very good

The whole post apocalyptic thing may have been done to death but with a few new plot twists almost idea for a story can come back to life. Some nice animation can't hurt either.

When the disaster known as the Hammer of Eden struck the Earth the ocean waters rose flooding most of the world. There is a conflict between Aoi, who is the head of the new UN, and Gould, who is the captain of a nuclear submarine, that could cause further chaos and destruction. After an attack by Gould's submarine, two people, Keel and Isla ironically have to seek refuge with the very man that attacked their hometown. Could there be more to Gould than meet's the eye?

While it is too short to be epic Tide line blue is a good action show. It fact that it has good animation doesn't hurt either. While many shows are predictable this one has a few interesting twists on old character types that make the show worthwhile. I found the main character, Keel, to be annoying but even he shapes up towards the end. There is some loose ends in the story that weren't tied up but I don't see enough for a second season so I guess they will stay loose. If a show with some submarine action interests you watching Tide line blue wouldn't be a bad idea.

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