Anime Review: Carried by the wind: Tsukage Ran

Carried by the wind: Tsukage Ran

Review Carried by the wind: Tsukage Ran Written by Warpshadow Rating good

There is something just appealing about Samurai, even when they are actually Ronin and just wander about. Carried by the wind is a light adventure story, that might not be the best but certainly answers the craving Katana wielding goodness.

Ran is a wandering Samurai (they are actually called Ronin but the terms isn't brought up much in the show) who is driven by a love of sake and justice. One thing makes Ran different from most Ronin being that she is a woman. Although they don't travel together, Ran often runs into Lady Meow, a martial artist and sidekick of sorts to Ran. Together they live a life drifting from adventure to adventure and Sake bottle to Sake bottle.

Carried by the wind offers the viewer a mixture of comedy, drama and Samurai beat downs in a handy episodic format. The characters aren't all that great but they do their job when it comes to the show. The fights are somewhat realistic and are over very quickly but are still fun to watch. The comedy isn't that great either (they do have a somewhat serious story each episode) but it is good for a laugh or two. For fans of Japanese culture the DVD extras are a treat. Don't buy Carried by the wind expecting a classic but some decent entertainment will not lead to disappointment.

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