Anime Review: Submarine 707R

Submarine 707R

Review Submarine 707R Written by Warpshadow Rating fair/good

Oavs tend to be short and thus have some time constraints that television animation doesn't have to put up with. With only two episodes Submarine 707R bites off a bit more than it can chew.

The oceans of the world are being plagued by a mysterious terrorist organization known as the USR. In response the nations of the world gather together to form the PKN, a combined fleet in hopes of defeating the USR. The PKN is ambushed by a submarine of the USR in the middle of a ceremony. Most of the submarines are disabled in the attack but total disaster is averted thanks to the late coming Japanese submarine, the 707. Will captain Haiyami be able to defeat the villainous Admiral Red?

For those of you that simply want to turn off your brain and watch a nicely animated submarine movie this is the movie for you. For other it isn't so good. The characters aren't that well developed, including three young crew members that really don't have a place in the story. When I got to the end I was hoping that there was a volume two but alas the show ends at a inconclusive point. Also the Americans are more stupid and arrogant in this movie than usual, which is saying something for an anime movie. This was obviously based off of some other source, probably a manga. Too bad that isn't available in English.

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