Anime Review: To Heart Remember my memories

To Heart Remember my memories

Review To Heart Remember my memoriesWritten by WarpshadowRating good

One thing about fans of any particular show is that when they like a show changing it in almost any way is bad. The original To Heart had a very unique atmosphere to it and that was messed with much to Remember my memoriesí detriment.

Hiroyuki and his friends have been continuing their high school lives for about three or four months since we last seen them in To Heart. Everything has been uneventful until one day Multi returns to school without any of her previous memories. Her memory loss has halted production of the HMX 12 model of maid robot and she has sent back in hopes of clearing the blocks in her emotion program. Sees her like this Hiroyuki vows to help Multi regain her memories.

To Heart Remember my memories is a show that draws heavily from the first season (simply named To Heart) and yet is very different from it at the same time. The character designs are noticeably worse than they were in the first season and just looked lazy to me. The tone of Remember my memories is also more dramatic. While it does a much better job bringing the series to a conclusion than the first season did but it is missing the slice of life feeling that made the first To Heart so nice to watch. To Heart Remember my memories isnít a bad show but at the same time it isnít really a show worth remembering.

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