Anime Review: Victorian Romance Emma

Victorian Romance Emma

Review Victorian Romance Emmaaka Emma koi monogatariWritten by WarpshadowRating very good

Some words just seem to go together. In most anime shows the words maid and silly fan service show usually do. I say usually only because of this show, it is something more akin to the fare on PBS as opposed to the usual maid show.

During the English Victorian period there lived a maid named Emma. She works for and lives with an Ex governess Mrs. Stoner. One day an old student of Mrs. Stoner named Willam Jones came to visit and became quite enchanted with Emma. While it would seem natural that Emma and William would fall in love they would face a large problem. William is a member of the Gentry while Emma is only a maid and in Victorian England class distinctions were a very important thing.

Many anime shows that bear the moniker of romance depend on over the top angst and or fan service. Victorian Romance Emma is different from those shows as it follows a more subtle tack. Everything about this show is believable for itís setting. Some people might not like the ending but inconclusive endings are common in anime and more importantly it fits the characters. This may be a slower anime than some people might like however I found it to be quite rewarding. The characters are also more restrained than they are in other shows, again befitting the setting. If you are in the mood for a bit of culture with your anime this is a good show to watch.

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