Anime Review: Rozen Maiden Traumend

Rozen Maiden Traumend

Review Rozen Maiden Traumend Written by WarpshadowRating good

Time has passed since the events of the first Rozen Maiden series and now it is summer. Jun has recovered from his problems and is now trying to catch up for lost time in school. Shinku on the other hand is in a funk after her battle with Suigin Tou. This stalemate is ended when Bara Suishou the seventh doll of the Rozen Maiden appears before Shinku and tells her that it is time for the Alice Game to begin in earnest. Despite their desires the fate of the dolls is to fight each other in order to become Alice and they can not fight that fate for long.

As a continuation of the first Rozen Maiden anime show Traumend is a show that focuses more on plot than anything else. While it is true that character development does occur in this show none of it is as compelling as reformation of Jun in the first series was. The first half of the show is filler material and setup so be prepared to sit through that as well if you want to watch the show. A final downside is that even though it is a sequel the ending still fails to be conclusive. Even so I wonder if there is enough material to make a third season.

This is not to say that Rozen Maiden Traumend is a bad show. The whole cast is back and in top form. There are also a couple of new additions including another comic relief character, which will be a very important part of the show should it be taken to a third season. You also learn about some of the other characters including a new motivation for the villain of the series. The aesthetics are as good as always and the opening and closing music still capture the style of the show. Rozen Madien Traumend is a mediocre series only worth watching if you were a fan of the first series.

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