Anime Review: Wizards


Review Wizardswritten by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

Often times anime fans like to dis Disney. If so maybe you should see something from a guy that was pushing the bounds of animation before a good portion of anime fans were born.

In the future the world is destroyed by nuclear weapons. Millions of years later life slowly recovers and forms into two groups the good fairies and evil mutants. One day two wizards are born. Their names are Avatar and Blackwolf. Conflict between the two grows and eventually have a duel. Blackwolf flees defeated to the blighted lands of the mutants swearing revenge. Millenia later he has formed an empire dredging up the lost technology of the past with the goal of destroying all that is magical.

Wizards is a movie made in the 1970s by director Ralph Bakshi. This means it is a film that a very old school animation style that is very well done for both itís age and budget. While this movie may lack the flash that some of flash that todayís animated movies have there is a unique art style that is still very well worth watching. Even when it does into dark material Wizards still tries to be upbeat and does this fairly well with a large supporting cast of characters. The other main feature of the film is the content. Wizards is often contraversial without trying to without trying to resort to objectionable material aside from violence which is necessary in a movie about war. While it does work most of the time occasionally the movie can become a bit preachy. This movie is something that an art buff will probably like more than most people but overall Wizards is a nice movie.

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