Anime Review: Cromartie High School

Cromartie High School

Review Cromartie High SchoolWritten by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

Kamiyama looks like a normal upstanding high school student but for some reason he ended up being enrolled in Cromartie High a school renowned for being a haven of delinquents. By sheer luck and stupidity of his classmates Kamiyama is somehow named the leader of the class.

It should be known first and foremost Cromartie High is a comedy. It has no plot so to speak but instead follows whatever idea the creators think is funniest at the moment and will completely change gears at the drop of a hat when the current idea has been mined of it's comedic potential. This can and often does happen in the middle of an episode even if they only last 15 minutes a piece.

The style of comedy in Cromartie High is very talky and depends heavily on irony and the stupidity of the characters. Unlike the so called idiot plot of bad shows of all stripes this is idiocy that very obvious and intentional on the part of the creator, which is ironic given how well spoken the characters are (outside of Freddie and the Gorilla who don't speak at all). The of comedy can become a bit predictable but is varied enough to prevent it from becoming dull.

As said before there is little to this show other than it being silly which it does an adequate job of doing. It is serviceable in the job of being a comedy and worth watching if you need a laugh.

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