Anime Review: Triangle Hearts sweet songs forever

Triangle Hearts sweet songs forever

Review Triangle Hearts sweet songs forever Written by WarpshadowRating poor/ fair

One of the problems is many Oavs is that they often require specialized information that people not familiar with certain works don't have. Triangle hearts is one of these problem Oavs.

When the new headmaster of a prestigious music school in Britain received threatening letters she knew that she needed the help of skilled security. Despite the wishes of her bodyguard she enlisted the help of two old friends who have studied the art of the sword and can stand up to modern weapons. Can the Mikami siblings (the sword masters) overcome their differences with the more modern bodyguard and guard their charge at the same time?

Triangle hearts is a four episode long Oav. I have heard it was based off of a video game which would be interesting to play in order to find out if the characters in the game have personalities because they were obviously lost in porting the story to anime format. In other words the viewer is missing import details to the character's identities which are necessary to make them feel anything more than cardboard cutouts.

What we are left with is a basic action story with not enough action to be worthwhile as an action show. Part of this is because the show is littered with characters and plot threads that are not connected directly to the main story or explained enough to warrant inclusion in the Oav. In short this whole production is a mess not suitable for the wider anime viewing public.

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