Anime Review: Canvas 2 Niji Iro Sketch

Canvas 2 Niji Iro Sketch

Review Canvas 2 Niji Iro SketchWritten by WarpshadowRating good

Dating sim adaptations are common in anime although they do have their problems. Canvas in particular suffers from having to deal with having to deal with extra characters. Other than having to cover extra bases for fans of the game it is a nice show though.

Hiroki Kamikura is a student teacher who advises the art class. He also takes care of his cousin Elis who's parents died long ago. Hiroki used to be a talented artist but has not painted for some time. Elis is also good at painting but due to painful memories refuses to use the color red in her drawings. One day a new teacher arrives at the school that Hiroki and Elis attend. Her name is Kiri and she is an old friend of Hiroki's.

Canvas is a twenty four episode television show based off of a video game of the same name. As such there are several other characters than ones mentioned in the series overview with the vast majority being the girls that could have been chosen in the game other than the main characters. Thus the show is littered with character episodes which have the same net effect as filler in other genres creating a disorganized show. Canvas depends on characters and drama to carry the show for the most part instead of fan service or comedy. That would be okay if not for the lackluster and disorganized plot. This is not to say that the show doesn't have it's moments, they are just a bit too widely spaced to make Canvas a great show. In short Canvas isn't a bad show such much as it is a mediocre show.

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