Anime Review: Riding Bean

Riding Bean

Review Riding BeanWritten by WarpshadowRating very good

Riding Bean is an anime that can be best compared to a really good cheeseburger. It is by no means classy but a really good cheeseburger is still really good.

Bean Bandit is famous courier in the city of Chicago. He is known to work for some pretty shady characters and is hated by the police but is a good man at heart. So when he is accused of kidnapping a little girl he knows it has to be a set up. Bean may be a great driver and have guts of steel but how is he going to get out of this one?

Riding Bean is a short Oav clocking in at only 50 minutes long. This doesn't leave much room for much other than a basic plot and a few car chases. If you are looking for said car chases and a few gunfights and explosions Riding Bean is a good place to look. A number of coincidences do prop up in the movie but they happen in the interests of keeping the show from slowing down so it will be forgiven by all but the most nitpicky of viewers. The animation is a bit archaic but is well done so no complaints there either. I would put Riding Bean in the rental category of anime movies but it is very near the top of that list.

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