Anime Review: To Heart 2

To Heart 2

Review To Heart 2Written by WarpshadowRating fair/ good

It is kind of popular these days to make an anime show about every dating sim out there. Riding on the tails of this trend and it's predecessor is a pretty meh show.

Takaki Kono is a high school student that is pretty much average in every way except for the fact that he is shy around girls. The only two girls that he is familiar with are hid two childhood friends, Konomi and Tamaki. By coincidence and design both of them enroll at the same high school as Takaki just as he begins his second year. Neither of them are in the same class or clubs as he is so that leaves room for encounters with other girls. However no one knows just who will capture Takaki's heart.

To Heart 2 is based off of a dating sim that followed the success of the original To Heart. In the anime the only major connection to the first To Heart is that both shows occur in the same high school. It is easy to make other comparison with the origional but like most sequels it generally pales in comparision. The main problem is that in dividing thirteen episodes between eight girls there isn't enough time to tell the stores of the cast. Instead we are left with a cast that for the most part is rude, idiotic or pointlessly weird with satisfying explanation (not to mention the dumbest use of a hairclip I have ever seen). Thus you have a show that tries to pass it self off as slice of life but characters that are too unruly to make that believeable. Having a male lead that is devoid of motivation doesn't help either. So in the end To Heart 2 is little more than a bog standard harem anime.

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