Anime Review: Gilgamesh


Review GilgameshWritten by WarpshadowRating very good

If I had to compare Gilgamesh to another show I would say it is something like Evangelion but with evening wear instead of robots, but that isn't a bad thing.

Heaven's gate was supposed to be a great laboratory that would bring advances that would benefit mankind. Instead it unleashed a catastrophe known as Twin X which covered the sky in a mirror coating and disabled the world's computers. Among the children of this new and chaotic world are Tatsuya and Kyoko who are the children of Dr.Madoka , the scientist that unleashed Twin X. On the run from debt collectors the two take refuge in what looks to be an abandoned mansion. Inside however are strange mutants who call themselves Gilgamesh. This is only the beginning of the sibling's involvement in a conflict where nothing is what it seems.

In terms of genre Gilgamesh is a bit hard to define although saying it is somewhere between science fiction and a thriller is serviceable. What really sets this show apart is the art style which draws heavily on pale colors and contrasting darkness. That may be due to the sky being a strange color although I have a feeling that it is just another way of making the show look visually impressive. In terms of plot the show like to keep it's cards close to it's chest so to speak. While it does have it's share of fights, Gilgamesh is more of a thinking show which may disappoint more impatient anime fans. This sometimes causes the show to slow down while the characters wonder what's going on. Even the slow parts are worth wading through because the ending, even though I shouldn't give it away, is simply astounding. Being a show that doesn't stick to the same old conventions in anime, Gilgamesh is the perfect show for those bored with the same old show or just anyone with the patience to try something new.

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