Anime Review: Those Who Hunt Elves

Those Who Hunt Elves

Review Those Who Hunt ElvesWritten by WarpshadowRating good

I wouldn't call this a great show but every now and then watching a show about people who tool around in a tank striping people of their clothes can be bad for you?

Junpei is a tough but a blockhead, Eri is a famous actress, and Ritsuko is a teenage girl with a lot of firepower. By circumstance all three have been transported to a fantasy world. The Elven sorceress Celsea was supposed to cast a spell that would send them back to their own world but the spell got messed up and transposed onto the skin of five unknown elves. So the only way our heroes can get home now is to drive around in their tank and strip elves until they find out which elves have the spell on them.

At first glance Those Who Hunt Elves looks like a fairly standard episodic show that probably relies on comedy and fan service. After watching the whole show I can tell you, trust those first impressions. There is some near nudity but it tends to be brief and shouldn't be much of a problem for most viewers. On the other hand there isn't much that is extraordinary in this show beyond gimmicks like running around a fantasy world in a tank. This is not to say that this is a bad show, just a mediocre one. Personally the biggest selling point of this series for me is the fact that it comes on two dvds as opposed to the usual three or four.

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