Anime Review: Please Save My Earth

Please Save My Earth

Review Please Save My EarthWritten by WarpshadowRating very good

There are two bad things about Please Save My Earth. The first is that it is only six episodes long and secondly watching this may suck you into reading a long manga series.

Alice had what most would consider a mundane life, being that the attention of her precocious neighbor Rin was it's highlight. The inkling of a possibility that she was once something more arises when she overhears two friends talking about strange and vivid dreams they share. They dreamt of a past life when they were part of a group of alien scientists that lived on the moon. After having a dream Alice finds that she may have used to been a part of that group of scientists. Rin's personality starts changing after he falls from a balcony, could it be that he too was a member of the group of alien scientists?

Please Save My Earth is a story of love, karma and redemption. In truth that is a lot to pack into six episodes but this Oav makes a valiant attempt. What this Oav excels at is the character development as few shows are able to bring a sizable cast to life in such a short time. Yet this is still more food than the show can chew a weak sixth episode overall lack of resolution can attest. Please Save My Earth was made during the time when it was in vogue to make Oavs for everything and as a result this show has an older animation style but is a better example of what Oavs could achieve in the animation department. This is probably one of the best one off rentals I have watched.

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