Anime Review: Yugo the Negotiator

Yugo the Negotiator

Reveiw Yugo the NegotiatorWritten by Warpshadowrating very good

Not every anime show is about giant robots, magical girls or the like. If you are tired of all the magical bells and whistles attached to many anime shows then I suggest you need to see Yugo the Negotiator.

Yugo Bepoo is a negotiator with a wide assortment of skills and knowledge that allows him to tackle the toughest of negotiations. So that makes him the perfect man to negotiate the release of Mayuko's father who has been kidnapped by Pakistani rebels. This is more difficult than it would first seem since not only are the rebels fanatics that killed the previous negotiator the whole situation is made more complicated by the Pakistani Military. The big question remains, just how is Yugo going to talk himself through the situation?

Yugo the Negotiator is like most anime shows, based off of a much longer manga series. What makes this tolerable in terms of plot is that Yugo is a series that runs off of unconnected story arcs with the anime covering two separate plots. Yugo is a nonviolent hero but one that simply believes his best methods are nonviolent, so you won't hear him preaching about the sanctity of life. So long story short this is a show that depends on clever thinking rather than fights to hold the viewer's attention. It isn't only Yugo that is clever about this show, the level of detail paid to the countries that Yugo travels to is another feature that makes this a great show to watch. Overall I found Yugo to a realistic and intelligent show that is well worth watching.

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