Anime Review: Tristia of The Deep Blue Sea

Tristia of The Deep Blue Sea

Review Tristia of The Deep Blue SeaWritten by WarpshadowRating fair

In the late 80's and early 90's it was customary to make an Oav out just about everything, good or bad. While that tradition continues in Tristia it never was that good of a tradition to begin with.

In the ocean city of Tristia there is no inventor that matches the skill of Nanoca Flanca. When the upcoming golem contest is announced Nanoca pays little attention to it but plans on entering her golem Tenzan. What she isn't expecting is for her old rival Paravia Tornado to show up for the contest. While Paravia may be out for revenge she is being sponsored by people with more sinister goals.

Tristia of The Deep Blue Sea is a stand alone Oav that is not based on any source that I can discern. It apparently is something like the Oavs that Pioneer made in the 90's that preceded television shows although no such show has materialized for Tristia. The opening and ending animation suggest that there are five characters of note but none of Nanoca's friends are developed at all. This is an Oav with a great deal of untapped potential. The animation is crisp and full of bright colors, which is easily Tristia's best feature. Even so it isn't anything more than a disposable Oav and is a rental at very best.

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