Anime Review: Gundam War In The Pocket

Gundam War In The Pocket

Review Gundam War In The PocketWritten by WarpshadowRating very good

With a large franchise Gundam is able to make many different types of stories. One that most people would not expect from watching most Gundam shows is something like War in the pocket.

The one year war between the Earth Federation and the Duchy of Zeon is the largest in history. Even so there are corners of humanity that have not experienced the war firsthand. In such a place people, especially children can have a skewed view of war. Alfred Izuhara is is one those children yet he is about to undergo a crash course in reality when Zaku pilot lands in his colony.

When the idea of giant robots in anime is mentioned the attention is almost reflexively placed on the pilot of the strongest robot. War in the pocket turns this assumption on it's head by telling a story about ground level reality. As such this is not the action fest that many mecha shows are. A consequence of this is that the first half of the Oav is slow going. This changes in the section half where the pay of occurs in the form of a tragic but believable ending. Also War in the pocket is something that has no notions of romanticizing war. As such Gundam war in the pocket is an Oav that is better than most and worth watching even if you aren't the typical mecha fan.

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