Anime Review: Starship Operators

Starship Operators

Review Starship OperatorsWritten by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

Even if an anime show does have space ships and the like it doesn't need to completely ignore the laws of physics or probability. Starship Operators is a good example of this.

The cadets aboard the Amatarasu were expecting a safe voyage home but instead they were met with the news that their home planet of Kibi was attacked and conquered by the planetary alliance. Unable to sit back and do nothing the crew takes the ship and sets out to fight back against the planetary alliance. Without a government to support them they have no means of re-stocking supplies so they sign a contract with the Galaxy network exchanging their financial aid for the right to film their battles.

Most anime shows have a certain audience that they are aiming at. Starship Operators is no different and in this case it is science fiction fans. Those people will enjoy this quite a bit since they will notice the forethought and verisimilitude of the space battles and military strategy. This is not to say that the characters are lacking but they don't stand out the way that the technical aspects of the show do. As for the characters although most of the cast is female the show doesn't run on fan service. Although artwork and music alone can never make a show they do add another notch to the plus side for Starship Operators. While this might not be a truly stand out show Starship Operators is a solid science fiction anime show that can entertain the mature viewer.

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