Anime Review: Requiem From the Darkness

Requiem From the Darkness

Review Requiem From the DarknessWritten by WarpshadowRating good

Horror is a genre that depends on surprise to work effectively. Thus a show like Requiem From The Darkness can sneak up on you a couple of times but once you are wise to it's tricks it becomes less interesting.

Momosuke is a floundering author who is working on his pet project, the hundred stories and is searching out strange phenomenon for inspiration. One rainy night he is saved from falling off a cliff by a mysterious stranger who tells him to turn back. Momosuke presses on and eventually takes refuge in an abandoned store with some other travelers. Among them are the mysterious stranger Mataichi and his two companions who Momosuke that even in a world where spirits are real the most frightening thing of all is the human heart.

Requiem From the Darkness is a horror show that like many in the genre, is a collection of one episode stories connected mostly by the presence of the main characters. This is a newer show with nice animation and I am not just talking about Ogin, although she is nice to look at. The parental warning lock I went through at the beginning of the DVD was well deserved since this show is gory even to my jaded senses. The individual episodes are decently constructed mysteries but the basic premise does wear a bit thin after a while. Overall I suggest Requiem From The Darkness as more of a rental than anything else although that does not mean that it is a bad rental.

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