Anime Review: Grenadier


Review Grenadier Written by Warpshadowrating good

Many people will look at Grenadier and say it is Trigun with more boobs. That is pretty dead on but it doesn't mean that Grenadier isn't fun.

The world is wracked with violence as gun wielding senshi displace those that wield the sword. So when the swordsman Yajiro met a senshi named Rushana he dismissed her as a cynical killer relying on a gadget to compensate for skill yet Rushana prove to be not only a pacifist but also a warrior of unbelievable skill as she can defeat several armed men with guns without killing even one of them. Rushana is currently on a spiritual journey ordained by her teacher Tenshi but Yajiro is so interested in her and her power and so he decides to follow her.

While there is the premise of a moral behind Grenadier the show is at heart a light hearted action comedy. This is a show that doesn't even try to attempt realism; a good example of this being how Rushana reloads her revolver by catching bullets tossed into midair by her sizable breasts. The plot does seem a bit rushed although that is something that is almost expected in anime as they are often based on ongoing manga. overall Grenadier makes for decent entertainment but I wouldn't suggest that you expect much more than that out of it.

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