Anime Review: They Were Eleven

They Were Eleven

Review They Were ElevenWritten by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

While I don't consider They Were Eleven to be any great classic of anime it is a decent science fiction movie and that is always good.

The Cosmo academy is the prestigious university in the galaxy. Entrance exams to get into such an elite academy are a grueling ordeal. For a group of ten students the final test is to be held aboard a derelict spaceship where the applicants will have to stay for 53 days. When the applicants arrive aboard the ship there is a bit of a problem for while the test said that there would be only ten participants there are eleven people that came aboard the ship. Making it through the test will be difficult for not only is there worry about the extra occupant there is also the disaster that afflicted the ship before.

They Were Eleven is an interesting science fiction movie that holds up even if it's animation does make it look dated. Like any good science fiction piece this movie does ask questions about the human condition even if complete exploration of those questions is prevented due to the movie's plot structure. On the plus side the movie doesn't become boring. Even though some scholars put They Where Eleven as one of the precursors to the yaoi genre I loathe to use the term to describe the movie as it would scare off people who would probably enjoy the movie. This is a movie that takes a look at the concept of gender not inundates the viewer with guy on guy fan service. Overall I found They Were Eleven to be a worthwhile movie to watch even if it one only rents it.

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