Anime Review: Star Blazers, The Quest for Iscandar

Star Blazers, The Quest for Iscandar

Review Star Blazers, The Quest for IscandarWritten by WarpshadowRating good

To be fair Star Blazers was the show that got me into anime a long, long time ago. Even so I won't pretend that this is the best show ever regardless of what my youthful impulses try to tell me.

The second half the twenty second century was to humanity a long losing war against the alien race known as the Gamalons. By the year 2199 the Earth was nothing more than a barren wasteland with radiation killing off those who cling to life in underground cities. A ship that crash lands on Mars provides a ray of hope as it contains a message telling the people of Earth that a method of healing their plants lies on the distant planet of Iscandar. A daring plan refitting an old warship to travel in space is made even though it is risky, as they need to travel to Iscandar and back in a year if humanity is to survive.

Star Blazers is a show that is hard to grade fairly because not only is there a great deal of sentimental value attached to the show by many people including the reviewer there are negatives that do not reflect the true quality of the show. Perhaps the strongest is how the show is hard to find outside of an edited dub only format. The animation is of course dated as this is the oldest show I have reviewed on Anifanatiku to date. Even if this show is something best watched for someone with a nostalgic or academic interest in the show it is a show that still manages to be good compared to many of the bad shows of today.

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