Anime Review: Hanaukyo Maid Team

Hanaukyo Maid Team

Review Hanaukyo Maid TeamWritten by WarpshadowRating poor

Perhaps the largest problem with shows that have some form of moe to them is that said moe is usually used to hide some other flaw in the show. The problem with Hanaukyo maid team is that there is little more than flaws and moe pervading the show.

Taro Hanaukyo is a young man who has lived a normal and boring life until his mother died. When that happened he received a letter from his grandfather telling him that he was to stay at the family mansion from now on. The mansion is far more grand than Taro could have ever imagined and fully staffed with beautiful maids. All these maids overwhelm Taro as they tend to every possible need he could have.

To some people the sight of a maid uniform is enough to transform the viewer into a slobbering idiot. This principle is what Hanaukyo Maid Team was based on as the show is just too glaringly stupid for anybody else to watch. This is most obvious in the fact that most of the plot revolves around him being pushed around by maids, people that by all rights he should have power over. I would go so far to say that the show is best watched dubbed as if you are apart of the target audience of this show you are probably too brain dead to be reading subtitles and besides that would interfere with watching the boobs. Needless to say I do not recommend this show.

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