Anime Review: Godannar


Review GodannarWritten by WarpshadowRating very good

For many anime fans there viewing is a constant struggle between fan service and more substantive shows. Fortunately Godannar is a fan service mecha show that can manage a bit of substance on the side if only to satisfy the less prurient parts of the mind.

When Anna Aoi was saved by Go from the memetic beasts it was the seed that blossomed into love. Several years latter on the day of their marriage Go was called again to fight monsters in his giant robot. What was not expected was that when Anna got caught up in the giant robot fights that see would stumble on another giant robot, one that could merge with Go’s. Even more unexpected was the reappearance of Go’s long lost partner and girlfriend Mira. Marriage is always a trial but can Go and Anna ‘s survive these additional obstacles?

Godannar is an old school mecha show (even if it was made in 2003) with a lot of yelling and old school heroics. There is also a triple helping of fan service as the majority of the female cast jiggles mightily inside their skin tight uniforms. In both of these aspects this show Even though this show caters to the male id with an abandon that few shows do Godannar does not forget to include meaningful character interaction. Since the main characters are a married couple rather than your traditional angst bishonen or clueless schoolgirls the interaction is original and interesting. This is the perfect show for those looking for fan service and a bit more to go on the side.

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