Anime Review: Gundam Wing endless waltz

Gundam Wing endless waltz

Review Gundam Wing endless waltzWritten by Warpshadowrating good/ very good

If you watch all or most of the Gundam Wing and enjoyed watching it why donít you finish it off with Endless Waltz? While it might not be the best movie out there it is certainly as good as the rest of Gundam Wing.

One year has passed since the end of the war that unified the world. Throughout the world and in the colonies there is peace. There is one problem though. Even though the government has disarmed one colony has secretly kept weapons and plans to take over the world. They are planning on doing this in the name of Marimeia who is supposedly the daughter of Treize Kushrenada. Not only that they have kidnapped Relena and Wu Fei is nowhere to be found. Looking back this was probably a bad time to put the Gundams in a spaceship and launch it into the sun.

Endless Waltz is a nice finish to the Gundam Wing saga, even though it has itís ups and downs. The biggest quibble is that the whole things does feel a tad rushed. There is also new designs for the Gundams. You can look at this as a good or bad thing, I found it a bit weird that they were upgraded when there were no battles to be fought. On the plus side, along with the usual bells and whistles that come along with a supplementary Oav or Movie (Endless Waltz is in both forms) there is a welcome and important change of character in Relena.

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