Anime Review: G Gundam

G Gundam

Review G GundamWritten by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

Sometimes when you think about it giant robots donít make that much sense but are really cool anyways. That line of thinking fitís the mentality behind G Gundam very, very well.

It has been sixty years since a new world order of space colonies ruling over a ruined earth began. As a way of settling conflicts the colony nations hold a tournament called the Gundam fight to decide who will rule space for the next four years. The thirteenth Gundam fight may look like any other but a small thing may prove to make this a historic conflict. It is Domon Kashu, the Gundam fighter or Neo Japan who is looking for an unnamed man in a picture he carries.

G Gundam has a sordid reputation for ditching Gundamís reputatio9n as a gritty war epic in exhange for a silly super robot show. This is true but this is just silly but very silly to the point that the show has a camp value to it. This is a show that can be really fun to watch but only if the view can accept the showís interal logic which is that anything is possible with enough passion. There is a problem with the way some countries are presented although problems are more silly than generally malicious. If I havenít made it clear by now hopefully this will do it; this is a mecha show that is all about hot blooded pilots beating the tar out of each other in metal giant with passion and guts as well as the occasional crazy weapon.

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