Anime Review: Wolf’s Rain

Wolf’s Rain

Review Wolf’s RainWritten by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

Wolf’s rain could have been a really great show but the truth of the matter is that no matter how good the graphics are canines are difficult to make into complex and interesting protagonists.

In the future wolves have been extinct for two hundred years. The truth is that the wolves have simply hid themselves by donning a disguise that makes them look like humans. In a city locked in eternal cold wolves gather, lured by the scent of a woman who smells of lunar flowers. It is said in old and heretical books that the maiden will lead the wolves to paradise and that will cause the end of the world. What that exactly means not even the wolves know.

All anime shows need a concept and being a show about wolves that stradle the divide between human and animal Wolf’s Rain has a concept better than most. The execution behind this show does leave something to be desired as the main characters are a bit flat with personalities that lend themselves to a more episodic plot based show. This made up for in some ways by the side cast which are a bit more rounded and the animation which not only is really sharp looking but portrays the ambiguity of the lupine section of the cast in a very interesting way. In the end this show is an interesting novelty, something that is better than the average show but not by much.

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