Anime Review: Gungrave


Review Gungrave Written by WarpshadowRating very good/ excellent

Gungrave is a show that has it’s highs and lows but the highs are practically worth crawling through broken glass to see.

Beyond the Grave is an undead killing machine brought back from eternal slumber to bring down the Millenian organization. He wasn’t always like that, in life her bore the name of Brandon Heat. Ironically Brandon in life was a hitman for the Millenian organization and was the best friend of Harry McDowell who is the boss of the cartel. However friendships turn out like many things, the bigger they are the harder they fall and the falling becomes all the more lethal when the mafia is involved.

The first episode of Gengrave paints the show as some shallow show about an invincible silent guy with giant guns. I implore viewers to continue watching because the show becomes much better starting with the second episode.The real story of the show is a well done crime drama about two lifelong friends and their rise through a mafia syndicate. Both the characters and overall story of this part are of a quality that is rarely seen. Unfortunately the show’s video game heritage creeps in about episode 17 or so and Gungrave takes a dive in quality. The ending though does redeem it though making the show worth watching all the way through. Overall this is a show that is well worth watching even if it is getting harder to find on domestic DVD.

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