Anime Review: Utawarerumono


Review UtawarerumonoWritten by WarpshadowRating good

Utawarerumono may get a few points for having a interesting setting but It is still something that is something of a niche title.

When Hakuro first met Elulu he was merely a nameless wanderer who had passed out from his wounds. Being the apprentice to the village healer she was the one to nurse him back to health. With no other place to go Hakuro is given a name and a place to stay. It turns out to be a good deal for the village as Hakuro is a strong fighter and resourceful leader who can fight the wild beasts and tyrannical rulers that plague the people.

Utawarerumono is like many anime shows in that it is spawned from a video game although the source material is somewhat unusual choice for an anime adaptation and thus the show is a fairly different sort of fantasy show. The most obvious difference is the fact that almost all of the characters have furry ears and a tail. The majority of the show focuses on a series of wars and the politics and heroics that happen in and around them. Although I won’t give away any spoilers I can say that this show has a weak ending that veers away from the furry Romance of the Three Kingdoms vibe it had been cultivating since then. Overall I found Utawarerumono to be a fairly interesting adventure series with a political side to it. If you like fantasy stories you will probably like this one.

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