Anime Review: Dagger of Kamui

Dagger of Kamui

Review Dagger of KamuiWritten by WarpshadowRating fair

I can usually forgive a movie for concentrating on action scenes but The Dagger Of Kamui strains my forgiveness beyond the breaking point.

One day Jiro came home to find his mother and sister were killed. The other villagers found him when he picked up the murder weapon and chased him out of town. Jiro takes refuge with the monk Tenkai who offers him the training he needs to take his revenge. It turns out that Tenkai is the villain behind his family’s death and the reason for his actions is that Tenkai is looking for a hidden treasure. So Jiro breaks ties with Tenkai and searches for the treasure to fun his revenge.

From it’s age there are those that would call The Dagger of Kamui a classic but I am not one of those people. Instead it shows that incoherent messes of action movies string together actions aren’t exactly a new thing. The actions scenes are fairly well done being full of old school ninja action and all but marred by an omnipresent and cheesy background music. The plot doesn’t fare as well and by that I mean very poorly even compared to other movies which are essentially action scenes strung together by a loose plot. Unless you are the type of person that has a personal quest to watch every anime in exist (such as me) I suggest you not see The Dagger Of Kamui.

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