Anime Review: Tower of Druaga Aegis of Uruk

Tower of Druaga Aegis of Uruk

Review Tower of Druaga Aegis of UrukWritten by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

Most anime shows are adapted from something else. Given what they had to work with Gonzo did a fairly amazing job with this show.

Eighty years ago King Gilgamesh defeated the evil god Druaga. Now Druaga along with his tower has been revived and has once again become a haven for monsters. These monsters weaken during the summer of Anu making the tower a destination for adventurers during that time. Jil is a young warrior looking to gain fame and fight for justice in the tower. He is traveling with a group of adventurers including his older brother Neeba although they find Jil to be incompetent and dump him at the nearest town. Will Jil be able to find new comrades that can help him make it to the top of the tower?

Tower of Druaga is a twelve episode long fantasy series based off of an old arcade game of the same name. Such a television show is prone to filler although unlike many shows Tower of Druaga does a good job of making the so called filler episodes as entertaining as the rest of the show. As for fantasy action (which this show has a lot of being that it takes place in a monster filled tower) this is pretty inventive featuring characters that wield everything from motorized spears to magic staves stored in golf bags while still looking somewhat cool and not too silly. Overall I found Tower of Druaga to be a good but not revolutionary anime show that still is well worth watching.

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