Anime Review: Tokyo Majin

Tokyo Majin

Review Tokyo MajinWritten by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

Not every show needs to be great. Tokyo Majin does fine as a meat and potatoes action show is a horror flavoring. This is a good show to rent.

Tokyo has always been a somewhat dangerous place to live being a big city and all but as of late the city has become even deadlier. Recently a string of murders that have left their victims bizarrely disfigured has been occurring. As this is happening a mysterious transfer student Tatsuma Hiyuu arrives in town. He quickly gets into a fight with the delinquent Kyoichi Houraiji but later they become friends. Can they along with class President Aoi Masato, her friend Komaki Sakurai and tough guy Yuuya Daigo take down the demons that have been causing the murders?

There are a good deal of action shows out there and quite a few of them have a horror twist to them. One thing that shows like this need to be effective is to be sufficiently disturbing otherwise they feel a bit too watered down. Fortunately this show pulls that off. As for being all that original Tokyo Majin kind of falls down in that respect. I found the characters to be somewhat interesting but they are nothing that I would call very memorable. In short I found Tokyo Majin to run like a pretty good action movie, the fighting and artwork make it into a decent watch but overall it is nothing out of the ordinary.

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