Anime Review: Quiz Magic Academy

Quiz Magic Academy

Review Quiz Magic AcademyWritten by WarpshadowRating fair/ good

This Oav is light entertainment almost to the point that it is perhaps to inconsequential to ever be licensed.

Floating high in the sky there is a magical school where young (and occasionally not so young) students learn to become great magicians. Among those students there are a group of misfits who study under Miss Amelia including the likes of Ruquia who occasionally oversleeps so much that she doesn’t get to school till noon. However like some schools in Japan there are punishments for an entire class if the grade average is too low and they will have to pull of something special to avoid censure.

Quiz Magic Academy is a very short Oav that is based off of a trivia video game. As one could probably expect such a format isn’t very conductive to creating anything more than a fluffy piece filled with random jokes, which incidentally this Oav is. The characters are a collection of clichés but since the whole thing runs for slightly less than a half an hour expecting much more would be delusional. The jokes are nothing special but you might get a laugh out of this one. I wouldn’t recommend this though for anything more than the odd viewing for when you are really bored.

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