Anime Review: Tekron Kinkreet

Tekron Kinkreet

Review Tekkron KinkreetWritten by WarpshadowRating very good

If you are looking for an animated movie that in no uncertain terms tells the viewer that anime isnít just for kids but isnít just cheap exploitation then you will probably really like Tekron Kinkreet.

There are two orphans whose names are Black and White and for an unknown reason they can fly. They live in a gaudy but decaying neighborhood called Treasure Town. The pair live in an abandoned car underneath a bridge and pickpocket to get the money they need to live. Although they are an acknowledged power in Treasure Town they have to tussle with the local mafia from time to time. Things start to change when one day a developer named Mr. Snake comes to town and decides to shake things up. Will Black and White be able to keep their heads in this turbulent time?

Tekron Kinkreet is a different sort of anime movie as even though the two main characters are young boys the movie has a well deserved R rating. The mature features in this movie stem from a story that is gritty at it's core rather than cheap exploitation. The animation is definitely what you would call movie quality with rich backgrounds that are rarely seen and an unique style in character designs. This story may be a bit too raw for some people but for others this is a movie I would recommend.

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