Anime Review: EF A Tale of Melodies

EF A Tale of Melodies

Review EF A Tale Of MelodiesWritten by WarpshadowRating very good

The second season of one of the best ren ai game adaptations out there; it isnít as strong as the first season but it still is a good show.

One day Mizuki Hayama met an older but still intriguing man. He was Shuuichi Kuze, an accomplished violinist who had the habit of pushing people away for a reason she did not understand. However this did not stop Mizuki from slowly but surely becoming enchanted by him. Kuze also a friend named Yuu who has his own history with a woman named Yuuko who has been seen in the town of their youth. This is the story of all of these people and how their fates intertwine.

EF A Tale of Melodies is the sequel of EF a Tale of Memories although it is not really a continuation of the events of the previous season as much as it is an exploration of the other story threads in the show's source material. However the characters show up now and again so watching the other season is advisable. Pretty much most of the comments I said about EF a Tale of Memories will apply to this show as well but one thing I can say is that this show is uneven. The Mizuki and Kuze storyline is definitely weaker than the Yuu and Yuuko one. Even so this show is one that has heart and emotional depth so it is one that I recommend.

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