Anime Review: Tweeny Witches

Tweeny Witches

Review Tweeny WitchesAka Maho Shoujo Tai ArusuWritten by WarpshadowRating very good/ excellent

A show that has both lavish animation and loveable characters Tweeny Witches is the kind of anime show that reminds you why you like anime.

Arusu was a girl who always believed in magic, as she was told by her father who had disappeared. She held onto a book of spells that he gave to her and treasured it. One day when she thought she was going to be injured Arusu fell into another world, one of magic. The witches that lived there didn't know what to make of her but their opinions quickly soured when Arusu freed the fairies that they use to make magic. As a punishment she is tasked with collecting the fairies with two apprentice witches, Shiela and Eva, even if she doesn't think that is right.

Tweeny Witches is an example of what a magical girl show can do if the tropes that drag most shows like are done away with. Most notably is the pacing; the show is comprised of fourty short episodes but unlike many magical girl shows not one is wasted and there is a concrete plot to the show. On top of this this show is set in a magical world and unlike many shows that are set in fanciful settings Tweeny Witches takes full advantage of this idea and fills the show with inventive imagery at every turn. Even if you aren't a big fan of magical girl shows and especially if you are Tweeny witches is a show that I heartily recommend.

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