Anime Review: Rocket Girls

Rocket Girls

Review Rocket GirlsWritten by WarpshadowRating good

Rocket Girls is a show that has itís faults but has enough heart to make the show passable.

Yukari Morita was searching the Solomon islands for her long lost father when she happened on a runaway astronaut. When his old bosses caught up with him they saw a new opportunity in Yukari since she was a teenage girl who weighed less than an adult man. The company which was a Japanese business that planned to make commercial space flights in order to service satellites offered Yukari room and board as well as help with the search for her father. While this may sound like a good deal and the a great opportunity what Yukari is not aware of is that being an astronaut is a dangerous job and the company she is working for has a better track record for making rockets explode than putting people into space.

If there is one thing that I have learned from watching anime it is that if there is a way to fit cute girls into a show animation companies will do it. This show is a bit difficult to categorize as even though it doesnít try to be a science fiction show scientific inaccuracies pop up here and there. As for the characters except for Yukari just about all of them are a bit two dimensional but do manage to be somewhat entertaining. Overall I found this show to be decent but uninspiring, fit for a rental or to pick up for cheap at Best Buy or the like.

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