Anime Review: Ponyo


Review PonyoWritten by WarpshadowRating good

This is a decent movie but in all honesty this is nowhere near as good as the kind of movie you would expect from Miyazaki.Ponyo was a little fish and fish like the children of any species are curious and she drifted from her father’s eye. She wound up on the shore but was saved by a young boy named Sousuke. The boy and the fish grow to like each other but are torn apart when Ponyo’s father comes for her. Yet Ponyo wishes to see Sousuke again and so she uses magic to become a human girl so she can be on the land with him. Yet when magic comes into play the balance of nature can be upset.

Ponyo is the latest movie by Studio Ghibli and Director Hayao Miyazaki. At it’s heart Ponyo is a children’s movie. While this is not bad in and of itself I found this movie incapable of drawing in older viewers the same way that some of Miyazaki’s other movies could. Part of the reason for this that the movie has a child’s viewpoint without some of the more clever ideas for older viewers. The artwork is well done as usual with the ending credits being a special kind of cute. Overall I found Ponyo to be a good movie but one that doesn’t reach too well outside of it’s demographic.

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