Anime Review: Urban Square

Urban Square

Review Urban SquareWritten by WarpshadowRating good

Urban square isnít a great movie but at very least it is a good one. Think of it as a worthwhile rental and you have the right idea.

Ryo Matsumoto was just a writer walking down the street who ran into two people. The first was an unassuming man who bumped into him and slipped something into his manuscript packed without his knowledge. The second was a dangerous criminal who gunned down the first man and then went after Ryo. After a lengthy chase Ryo was able to escape the man but was unable to present any evidence of a crime to the police. However the man that Ryo escaped and his fellow thugs are still hot on Ryo's tail.

Urban square is an hour long Oav that can be best described as a short action slash mystery movie. There are a couple of leaps of logic made in this movie like bullets that can knock a person through a window but then again they are kind of what you would expect from an action movie. A quick look at the movie's aesthetic tastes will tell you that this is definitely something from the eighties but the animation quality seems to hold up to the test of time. Even though this Oav is currently only available through fan sub this is the sort of short movie that would have made a really decent rental.

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