Anime Review: Magical Taruto

Magical Taruto

Review Magical Meow Meow TarutoWritten by WarpshadowRating good

This show is pure magical fluff. I know that isnít for everyone but at least it isnít creepy or look like it is made for pedophiles.

Among cats there is a legend of the kingdom of Ganosh. It was ruled by the Kinka who used magic until they were overthrown by the Beyoh. Taruto is a normal young cat who lives with her master Iori and moved with him t the city of Okashina. Otherwise she is known as a bit of a scatterbrain (still a bit normal for a cat though), is naÔve and the tendency to try but not succeed at solving her problems using magic. There is a rumor that there is a missing Kinka princess that should be about the same age as Taruto. Could Taruto be the princes that the people of Ganosh are looking for?

To put it in basic terms Magical Meow Mew Taruto is a magical girl show, staring a cat. Taruto and her friends are said to be cats even though they look like one foot tall people with cat ears and a tail. Even the with the Catgirl angle this show is devoid of fan service and is safe for children to watch. For the first half of the show there isnít any major antagonists other than a pair of comic neíer-do-wells but in later episodes the action picks up when the Beyoh show up. Overall Magical Meow Meow Taruto is a decent but uninspiring show that you just might like if you like shows with cute stuff, especially cats.

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