Anime Review: ToraDora Box Set 1 and 2

ToraDora Box Set 1 and 2
Link1986 (Edited by Nz17)

ToraDora is a anime that was made from a series of light novels over in Japan. It stars Ryuji, a sweet and soft hearted guy with a face of a delinquent, and Taiga, a short-framed girl with a bad side from hell.

The story begins with both stars fawning over each other's best friend, Minori and Kitamura respectively. The two decide to form a pact to help each other out after Taiga mistakes Ryuji's backpack and plants a love letter meant for Kitamura's, forcing her to take Ryuji's help.

Now if all of this sounds like your standard Japanese school romance show, you're close but no cigar. What sets this show apart from all of the other shounen romance shows out there is its pure spontaneity and wacky hijinks. So much so that at certain points throughout the show that same spontaneity is so unbelievable that it breaks the fourth wall, and you remember you're watching a television show.

In Summary: The characters are lovable, the music is enjoyable, and the story is believable (mostly). I watched both box sets of NIS America's sub, thirteen episodes in the first two disc set and twelve episodes in the second set. When the series was all said and done I couldn't help but feel I just got suckered into watching twelve hours worth of gobbledygook just to have the series end right back where it started, and me, with my dunce hat on, just realizing what happened.

That being said, it's not always the destination that's important, but the ride along the way. Which is why I give the first and only season of ToraDora a "Recommended."

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