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Psycho diver

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There is a group of people that possess the ability to pscho dive. With the assistance of machinery they can look straight into a persons soul and correct the problems they have. Boshujima is such a man and a better psycho diver than most. He has been given the task of helping a new singing star named Yuki Kanou. It seems she is suffering from some sort of problem that may have to do with a religious cult that she belongs to. Yuki is more than an ordinary singer and this assignment may be lethal even for a prodigy like Boshujima.

Psycho diver is a fifty minute Oav, the type that I generally dislike do to the format's lack of time to develop characters or much of a story. Psycho diver does nothing to change my opinion of this type of Oav. While Psycho diver does manage to be stylish and try to make the viewer think, there simply isn't enough to the show to really pull through.

Is it just me or does every title licensed by Urban Vision look the same? I have the weird feeling sometimes that they are an animation studio and not a licensing company. Psycho Diver has the same well done and dark look that almost every other Urban Vision title. There are also two songs in the show, with the ending one being pretty good.

Psycho diver is another fairly forgotten Oav in the vast sea of anime. While I can't say the show is genuinely bad, Psycho diver's place in the dust bin isn't entirely undeserved. I give Psycho diver a rating of fair.

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