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Episode #88

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Oh that Nz17, he make so much with the funnies. He make the sing-song, he make the ha-ha comercials, he so funny.

He also make good thinking too. He think hard about how a good anime is, and what for a bad anime is too. He say that Geshiken is bad, and Urusei is good!

Me also want say hi Mr. Devall! Me is fan, real big much. Thank you, you is nice! [This is the last time I let a caveman write my descriptions. I tell you, his noun-verb agreement is just all wrong.]
"Genshiken: Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture," "Urusei Yatsura" Misc: "Trevor Devall Interview from Nan Desu Kan 2005 (Part Two)," "Commercial Funnies Set 2"